Monthly Archives: June 2011

Welcome. This is not my first blog – however – it’s not a very new blog either. This is a result of a few interests of mine; futures, creative intelligence and social business.  I’ve only recently found the motivation to start curating this blog in the way I originally intended. I’ve been toying around with it for so long that I almost forgot to start doing it.

So here we go – let’s begin shall we.

What is a Hook?

– A Hook has got the capacity to catch you (or your imagination)
– A Hook is usually a good indication that there is a change in direction coming
– Good Hooks are usually out of place (in the water – not the tackle box)

So what?
I’m very interested in these hooks, I believe they offer some insight into the way things are shaping up in our immediate sphere of possibilities. This site will be a record of the ones I find interesting enough to share. If they’ve caught my attention – chances are they might have caught yours too.